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How We Help You Ace Your Exams

Practice Test Kits

  • Practice with full-length exams
  • Adjustable timer for test-taking simulation
  • Customize your tests - what topics, how many questions, amount of time
  • Receive actionable data and test history to track your growth and address weak areas

eBook Study Guides

  • In depth review of every topic on your exam
  • Walk-throughs and examples of every question type
  • Tons of practice questions with in-depth answer explanations

Flashcard Systems

  • Study with hundreds of practice questions
  • Quick tips and topic reviews
  • Flag cards to create a deck of cards you want to study more
  • Check off cards you have mastered to temporarily remove them from the main deck
  • Shuffle your cards to randomize or study by specific topic areas

Premium Tutoring

  • Get matched up with a tutor who fits your needs
  • Receive a free diagnostic test
  • Get your own, customized study schedule
  • Have 24/7 access to your tutor via chat and schedule one-on-one video chats at your convenience